James M. Tinnin, DDS, MSD, PA
Endodontics and Dental Implants           

Welcome To Our Practice

We know that you have a choice for your endodontic care, and we want to thank you for selecting the practice of Dr. Jim Tinnin. The relationship between patients and their family dentist is one of the most trusted relationships found in the helping professions today. Equally important is the trust your doctor has in us when they refer a valued patient. We have earned your doctor’s respect by consistently providing predictable care for all their patients. We know you will be happy that you have selected us for your specialty care.

Why Were You Referred To Our Practice?

The simple answer is that your family dentist wants you to have the same high quality of specialty care that they provide for you in restorative dentistry. Historically, an Endodontist treated those problems associated with the “nerve” or pulp of the tooth. However, the scope of today’s endodontic practice has expanded to include many more clinical procedures. Some patients are in a dilemma of whether to have root canal treatment or an extraction and implant. No other specialty is more qualified to determine the fate of a compromised natural tooth. Sound predictable treatment is based on accurate diagnosis, not the specialist’s modality of choice. So the results of numerous tests, a clinical evaluation, digital x-rays and sometimes CT scans are combined with the decades of clinical experience that Doctor Tinnin has to determine the best solution for your problem. He is trained to provide implant therapy as well as root canal treatment.