Computer Generated Surgical Guides

Utilizing the information gained from our CBCT (Cone-beam computed tomography) technology, Dr. Tinnin is able to evaluate a patient’s jaws to determine if they are candidates for implants. By placing the implants in the computer model, we are able to determine the exact location that is most favorable for long-term success. This digital information is transmitted to a company specializing in fabricating surgical guides. Materialise Dental utilizes SimPlant software to make a custom guide for our patients. These guides are made of acrylic and have metal tubes through which the implant bone drills are placed. These appliances control the depth and angulation of the implants that are being placed.  In addition, the software is capable of determining the quality of bone in the implant site, which is vital in planning the surgery.  Utilizing this technology makes implant surgery quicker and safer for our patients.

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