Surgical Microscopes

An extremely bright, focused light plus magnification equals enhanced vision.  We utilize a surgical operating microscope (SOM) to achieve this superior vision. We are able to achieve superior results for our patients due in part to this technology. Dr. Tinnin’s was  the first endodontic office in Arkansas to make this technology available for our patients. Some root canals have a diameter of 0.08 mm, about the size of a gnat’s eyelash, and are extremely difficult to locate, especially if you consider that they are housed deep inside the crown of a tooth.  By employing this technology, we are able to locate micro-fractures that otherwise might go undetected. Posts, pins, broken instruments, and obstructions found in retreatment cases are more easily addressed utilizing this microscope as well. From diagnosis to treatment, the SOM benefits the patient and endodontist alike.

For more information visit the Carl Zeiss, Inc. website .