Bleaching Treatment

A variety of reasons can cause a tooth to become discolored. If the tooth has been devitalized by trauma, it is not uncommon for discoloration to occur within hours of the accident. Just as the skin bruises, the pulp of the tooth can bleed within the crown, resulting in blood pigments discoloring the root and crown of the tooth. Even if a crown is required to replace fractured and missing pieces of the crown, it is at times necessary to bleach the root to prevent the darkness from showing through the gum tissue. The process may take several visits to reach an acceptable result. The opening made in the tooth to perform the root canal allows special chemicals to be placed inside the root and crown. These are sealed and allowed to remain for two weeks. At the following visit, if the patient is satisfied with the color, then the procedure is completed and the patient is ready for a final restoration. If the color isn’t acceptable, the procedure is repeated until it is.

Example Bleaching

Depicts an internal bleach on a discolored tooth devitalized by trauma.

Tooth discoloration before treatment


Significantly whiter tooth after treatment


Radiograph of Implant