All appointment times are reserved for the estimated time we know is necessary to complete your treatment. Most procedures will require more time than a typical dental appointment, so a failure to honor an appointment time or cancelling an appointment with short notice leaves a significant void in our schedule. We attempt to fill this time, but in most situations there is not enough notice to bring another patient in to fill the missed appointment. Please help us control the cost of everyone’s treatment by keeping your appointment.

Our patient coordinators are magicians at marrying your schedule with ours.  We pride ourselves in completing your treatment and having you back to your restorative dentist within two weeks of your examination appointment.  In most situations, treatment can be completed in one visit.

Part of the responsibility of being an endodontist is providing emergency care. For those of you who have experienced the pain of a sick tooth, we know that emergency care needs to be the day you call, not two weeks later.  We see emergency patients the day they call and in most instances, within hours.  We respect every patient’s time; however, caring for an emergency patient occasionally makes us run late with another appointment.  We take pride that we are one of the few endodontic practices in the area that treats children. Successful treatment outcomes for children and adults who have knocked out a tooth or sustained other dental trauma require us to shift our attention to them immediately.  We ask your understanding should your treatment appointment be disrupted or rescheduled by the emergency needs of another person. We trust you would ask for the same understanding if it were your child who had been injured.